I’m taking on a project where I’m converting an old water heater closet.  A few years ago, we removed the water heater from this closet and put a new power-vent unit in our basement.  We decided to just leave the access panel over the opening until we were ready to convert it to a shoe closet.


The 4 holes in the floor needed to be patched.  I screwed and glued plywood underneath the holes and filled them with some Henry floor patch.  There’s also a hole in the ceiling that I patched with drywall.

Henry floor patch

The access panel was much smaller than the 24×80 pre-hung door that I planned for.  I used the Milwaukee M12 3-Plane Laser to lay out the new opening.  I ended up cutting the drywall on these green laser lines and installed 2×4 framing inside the drywall.

access panel

I had quite a bit of dust from the drywall cutting.  I used a Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Multi-tool with a drywall multi-blade, which works awesome.  I contained the dust with my Zip Wall Dust Barrier System and Magnetic Door Kit.  Oakley was able to peek inside the laundry room and see what I was up to.


The last item that I was able to complete in this segment was tacking up some 1/4 in. birch plywood.  I installed it on the right-hand side of the closet to match the back, which was done in an earlier video.  The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1/4 in Narrow Crown Stapler worked well for securing the plywood in place.  I’ll add French cleats  later on that match the ones on the back wall.

Stay tuned for my upcoming video where I finish up the closet and install the oak door.  I have links down below for some tool and accessories that I used on this project.
M18 FUEL NARROW CROWN STAPLER: https://homedepot.sjv.io/n1gaY9 M12
MILWAUKEE M12 OSCILLATING MULTI TOOL: https://homedepot.sjv.io/9W2Nv3
Building Material Used in the Video: ZIPWALL POLE SYSTEM: https://homedepot.sjv.io/a1PyvM
MILWAUKEE OSCILLATING DRYWALL BLADE: https://homedepot.sjv.io/3PR75r
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