Meet Mark Thomas

Mark brings  cutting edge tool reviews and home improvement tips twice a week. He has over 500 videos on his You Tube Channel  with over 63,000  subscribers and 14,136,500  views.

My Story

Mark is  a licensed Michigan home builder with a number of interests including woodworking, photography, landscaping, and outdoor power equipment.  Mark Thomas started learning the finer methods of construction right out of college, performing service on new construction homes.  Along the way, many tools were purchased and the interest in woodworking continued, especially after getting married and buying a house.  The new home had an unfinished basement that eventually was built over the winter.   Mark is experienced with all aspects of home construction and started a YouTube channel to share some highlights of the building process.  One of the first videos uploaded to his YouTube channel, was a 4 minute clip of a dilapidated home being demolished.  That video went viral and encouraged Mark to create more video content.  Today, the channel has over 8 million total video views and over 11,000 subscribers.  Mark’s channel now focuses on woodworking, tool reviews, DIY, outdoor power equipment, and some occasional tech reviews.
Mark has partnered with such brands as The Home Depot, Echo Outdoor Power Equipment, Rockwell Tools, K&N Filter Company, among others.  Mark is a member of the Echo User Advisory Group, where he shares his experience as a professional user of outdoor power equipment and collaborates with other leaders in the industry.
In addition to working a full time job and creating video content as a side-hustle, Mark is a father of 3 boys and is very grateful for the love and support from his wife, Kristi.  Mark is often outside with a camera, tripod, and flying a drone around.  There’s never a dull moment when it comes to content creating and video production.